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Derek Frankowski is a passionate visual storyteller. His fifteen year career started with a stills camera in the action sports industry. With over a decade of success in that genre the desire to create a feature film led him to co-create Life Cycles. The film is credited with changing the was action sports films are made and what many consider the bench mark for the genre.

 That learning experience and the projects since, have armed him with the ability to communicate in different mediums and collaborate with different types of production teams.

Leveraging Derek's abilities to Direct the Photography and Creative on projects, he is exploring new ways to tell stories.

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Ryan Gibb is a filmmaker. A filmmaker who loves the outdoors, there's nothing more he would rather do then ride his bike in the summer and snoodle(ski) in the winter. Settling down in Rossland, BC with his wife Kaylee was the perfect fit, both as a filmmaker and for his lifestyle. As a filmmaker he hopes his experience in and out of film school will help him bring something a little different to Life Cycles. In his personal life he aspires to race the Baja 1000 and hopes to teach his(wife's) chihuahua to do back flips off the couch. 



Andre Nutini has been cast into the Key Grip roll for Life Cycles crew. In the midst of going to film school he has been able to be present for many of the shoots and his experience of working at a bike shop has come in handy more than once.

He pulls the trigger also and to see his work go to:




Word ninja, publisher and marketing mason Mitchell Scott has been writing professionally for the past decade. In that time he has earned a reputation as one of North America's most prolific outdoor adventure writers.

Editor of Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine, Editor-at-Large with Bike, Senior Correspondent with its sister publication, Powder, a columnist with Skier Magazine, a contributor to many more, not to mention, Brand Manager with Kona Bicycles, Mitchell gets around.

But it's his expertise in storytelling-across all mediums- that makes his a voice worth listening too. Currently Mitchell lives in Nelson, British Columbia, the heart of all things outdoor cool in Canada.





Graham Tracey is a singer, a strummer, a talker, and a drummer. He is not a dancer. He spent his twenties in New York City composing film scores, singing jingles, hauling ski bags to the airport, and staying up late with musicians, publicans, roadies, ad-men, and other unsavory folk.
 Graham is spending his thirties in a similar way, but now lives the dream in Rossland, BC with his wife, his son, and his studio.





We are fortunate enough to share our offices with the crew at Juicy and we have endless flow of dumb questions for them to help us with. They got some mad skills go to their site and see what keeps them busy.




Markus Nurmi and Anders Petersen, these guys are two talented dudes. They shred the computer skills like an iron chef and make pixel magic. They are able to take what we got and create what we need. They'll have a site and proper name before this film is done.






 Androo Mitchell was a crucial part of the crew and kept us on track with the music and licensing for the film.
 Founded in 1991, Soundtrax Music Services Inc. specializes in music supervision, audio production and licensing for all multimedia platforms including film, television, video games and the Internet. Soundtrax Music Services (SMS) also produces custom music for corporate branding.
 With a combined 28 years of experience in the music industry and an extensive music library, SMS is invaluable to all types of productions.