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Scout mission

Utah scout.jpg

Just rolled into Mike Wilson’s place down in  Hurricane UT after a few days spinning wheels in Provo… stuck in mini mall hell… Nobody told me about this endless “little things” road we would be lead on. It seems as if the “to do” list grows with two things every time you cross one thing off.

 But that seems far away as we settle into our new home for a few days. We are treated to a Wilson song session and unwind from the city mank. Tomorrow out his front doors lies the red rock and soil we’ve come to explore.

 We have the envious task of looking for unique un-ridden locations with slight dusting of snow. Trying to find a way to shoot this unimaginable landscape in a new way.Southern Utah’s biking has been well documented by many a good shooter, so our task to show the audience something new is a big one. I think some of our ideas will work, we just gotta find the place to do it!