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Workin' out the kinks

Getin gear.jpg

Loaded the ol’ mini up with all the gear we have and heading to Provo. We are going to collect our new production truck. And Have 15 packages being shipped there from various sponsors and purchases. Getting stoked to get the first trip for Life Cycles underway.

  We have spent over two  years getting ready for this point. This trip should help work out the kinks the system. Get use to setting up the Panther crane, shooting the HVX with a Red Rock Micro M2 adapter, testing the Redlake highspeed camera and basically for me coming from the stills world it’s going to be all new with this new tool….motion.



Always drama on the road. After a successful boarder crossing with all our gear and without insident, Gibb realized he forgot a very import little piece to the crane. No cell coverage…Grabbed a phone card…Called the girlfriend and she ran the piece down. Perfect, ready to leave on 14-hourslog at about 12 noon.

 Mexican restaurant 35 minutes into trip, Eduardo our Chilean-Canadian-Sherpa says is amust. Love Mexican food gotta stop. We all dropped into the deep fried prawns wrapped in bacon….mmmm bacon.


Driving through the night we loose senses of time, place, direction…ourselves…. Shouldn’t have got the bacon wrapped prawns.


Made it 5 am to Provo, the 95 Dodge caravan that has been dear to Ryan’s heart and success for years made the trip like a champ…R.I.P.Trixy the mini van. Birth to the Frontier!