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Done With Saskatchewan

saskatchewan blog 2

Well, we've been back from Saskatchewan for while now and we've still been going hard at it back at home.  We left for the Saskatchewan trip on the first day of classes for me and it's been crazy trying to catch back up.  But now that that's all said and done with, now I've got some time to update you on what exactly went down in the flatlands. 

So, we left off the last update with some crazy farmers calling cops on us and I'm happy to say that didn't happen again.  In fact it was the complete opposite and everybody we met down there was super nice and very stoked to help out in any way they could. Probably the strangest thing we came across on the trip was when we were at a guy's farm to check something out and we looked over on the other side of the lot.  There was the biggest cat I had ever seen roaming around.  This guy had a Syberian Lynx for a pet! He also showed us a baby one that was super cool but we were definitely worried to pet them but it was pretty cool.  

Now let's fast forward a couple days.  Cam McCaul flew in a few days before Brandon Semenuk so we started to get things rolling with him.  The first day, Cam started on the fine tuning of the jumps we had got built while waiting for his arrival.  It was just the third time through the jumps and Cam was already throwing super flips. This is when we realized this segment would be able to go exactly as planned even though we had the riders for less time than previously planned.  We shot a couple days with just Cam and he was killing it hit after hit.  

Enter Brandon Semenuk. This kid is insanely smooth. With Cam and Brandon both sessioning together, things were going off. The level of riding definitely went up once the two of them were in the same place. Things went smooth for pretty much the whole time and because both riders were so consistant we were getting shot after shot.  Cam had to leave a day or two later and we finished things up with Brandon for a couple more days. 

We were stoked to work with McCaul and Semenuk. The two of them are definitely a couple of the most consistant riders out there. Thanks to everybody that helped us out while we were down there but it's time to get back to work.