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Near death...well it felt like it.

loading up 9:44 pm

So we have been putting the finishing touches on the SAint videos and needed a bit more footage to wrap up the shifting one. We headed up to Baldface Lodge near Nelson which has terrain that would mtach our footage from Silverstar. After a few hours of shooting we could see a storm in the distance moving towards us. ( sweet bad weather good film) we were on a ridge and lining up a timelapse of the storm sweaping across the mountains in the distance......SCHWAAAAAACK! Lighting struck the ridge we were on. Everyone hits the deck. It's the most insane sound and feeling I have got from mother nature. Loaded with power and after a quick invetory to make sure we were alll alright and a good 5 minute panic we settled down. It was the most insane thing that has happen to my while shooting and I hope it remains as the number one.  peace,