Stance Films in association with
Shimano, Scott Bicycles &
A new bike film

We were Saints for a week

Silver Star shoots

The Shimano Saint shoot went down a few weeks ago, and have been
pinning it since to finish them off. Juicy Studios is working the
graphics, Rob Kenning is dialing a sound in and Beans McGibb is
coloring the clips....following some late night editing sessions.

The shoots went well after dealing with a few days of drama; insurance
needed to be sorted, rental equipment ended up not being in Kelowna
etc..... We regrouped came at it from a little different direction and
pulled the trigger for 14hour days and loved every minute...well not
every minute, but pretty happy with the results.

We should have the videos very soon.


Big thanks to Silver Star's, Cam (the trail king) and Robin (the marketing
man) for making the shoots a succuss. Those guys have an epic bike park
up there and if you haven't been you should check it out. I have one
word for you. BERMS.

Also to HUGE thanks to Shannon for keeping the food on the table awesome and plentiful.


Heres a few shots from our action up there.