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So this blog site has been set up months after we had already began shooting. Also since the snow decided it wanted to stick around for a month longer than normal this year, we are behind a month. Anyways to write about the months past it trickery as memory fades and we want you guys to up to date. So let's take if from the past week and bring everyone up to speed.

  Last week we stared cracking the can on a section with Riley MicIntosh and Evan Schwartz. The idea is to showcase the builder. Mountain biking is driven by the people that dedicate themselves to building trials, jumps and parks. Unique to biking is this dependency on these few dedicated people that give us those sick trails that cause us to travel around the world to ride. This if for the builder....thank you all of you. 

 This shoot took place in the forests of B.C. Canada. Working on super steep terrain tested our crew and gear. All come out unscaved (mostly). We were able to get some of our custom rigs into the location to give the fresh feel. And following a week of shooting there we feel we have a good foudation for this section, but as always a lot still needs to be shot.