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So this blog site has been set up months after we had already began shooting. Also since the snow decided it wanted to stick around for a month longer than normal this year, we are behind a month. Anyways to write about the months past it trickery as memory fades and we want you guys to up to date. So let's take if from the past week and bring everyone up to speed.


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It is early in the morning. The sound of Ryan’s cell phone brings me back to consciousness. I look around and see the laptop that is still on laying the floor, right beside the video camera. It becomes apparent that I fell asleep before the footage I shot the previous day had finished capturing onto the computer. I look over at Ryan who seems like he’s ready to go, while Derek still looks like he should probably go see a doctor.


Utah scout.jpg

Just rolled into Mike Wilson’s place down in  Hurricane UT after a few days spinning wheels in Provo… stuck in mini mall hell… Nobody told me about this endless “little things” road we would be lead on. It seems as if the “to do” list grows with two things every time you cross one thing off.


Getin gear.jpg

Loaded the ol’ mini up with all the gear we have and heading to Provo. We are going to collect our new production truck. And Have 15 packages being shipped there from various sponsors and purchases. Getting stoked to get the first trip for Life Cycles underway.