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saskatchewan blog 2

Well, we've been back from Saskatchewan for while now and we've still been going hard at it back at home.  We left for the Saskatchewan trip on the first day of classes for me and it's been crazy trying to catch back up.  But now that that's all said and done with, now I've got some time to update you on what exactly went down in the flatlands. 


saskatchewan blog

On Tuesday morning we packed the truck with all the gear and set out on our trip to Saskatchewan. As we were packing we decided that to avoid any problems at the border when Gibb goes down to pick up a new battery for the camera, we would unpack in the Tim Hortons parking lot and wait until he got back.  Derek and I sat in the parking lot waiting for a while taking bets on when Gibb would be back.


loading up 9:44 pm

So we have been putting the finishing touches on the SAint videos and needed a bit more footage to wrap up the shifting one. We headed up to Baldface Lodge near Nelson which has terrain that would mtach our footage from Silverstar.



We were sitting in the office trying to get things ready to go for our big trip to Iceland, when Gibb gets a very unfortunate message on his phone.  Matt Hunter dislocated his shoulder yes that sterday and will not be able to attend the trip to Iceland.  Also, because of Crankworx and the Bearclaw Invitational being scheduled right in the middle of our trip, we aren't able to book any other of the riders that are scheduled to appear in Life Cycles.



We revisited the building section with Riley the other day on another trail of his around Nelson.


Burn out, not the cool kind either

Saturday afternoon and it beautiful outside, perfect day to be shredding trails or pulling the trigger on sweeet shots for our film. But with delivery of the Shimano Saint vids overdue we're inside working it over. Good news is there light at the end of the tunnel and we are at the polishing stages. Good thing to I think Gibb's brain is fried from the past month of pinning it.

 Taking Sunday to re-group and charge to batteries.

 We'll be back fresh and stoked next week to continue on the journey.





light watch blog pic

So since we've been back from the Shimano shoot in Silverstar, we've been getting down to business shooting some actual footage for Life Cycles.  The past couple weeks, the team has been pulling the trigger almost every single day.  Now that we have all of our equipment dialed, the only thing that can slow us down is waiting for light. Although, waiting for light is kinda annoying, at least when it starts to fire we are fully prepared and all our gear is functioning properly.


Silver Star shoots

The Shimano Saint shoot went down a few weeks ago, and have been
pinning it since to finish them off. Juicy Studios is working the
graphics, Rob Kenning is dialing a sound in and Beans McGibb is
coloring the clips....following some late night editing sessions.



So what to say...we just got back from watching the latest bike film Seasons. I have nothing but good things to say about this film. We all felt it was they best film the boys have put together to date.
I wish them much success and thank them for raising the bar.
Oh and thanks to Tyler from Revolution bike shop for hosting the apres' 



Day 1 on the rainy/foggy shoot we come across some fallen trees on the road to where we're headed. This pretty much sucks because now we have to hike a 30ft crane and all the rest of our gear up the rest of the road as well as up the trail. Eventually, we make our way to the top of the trail with bags strapped to our fronts, backs, and sides and before we have time to rest, the fog rolls in and its panic time to set up our equipment. Along with the fog comes the pouring rain and it's a bit of a struggle to keep things dry as it's our first shoot out in the rain so far.