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One thing I have noticed is that when you are making a film, regardless of the budget level I think, is that you are always battling. Everyday,  over thousands of details you battle.... Into the wind. Up stream. Against the grain.


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 Our week
 So we have our new site up and we're stoked to let people in on what we are doing. It's been a long time coming and it's cool to have a venue to show vids, pics and ramble.
 Everyone that has emailed has given us great feedback and we’ll be using it to improve what we are doing.



 Friday afternoon.
 Gibb works his crane skills.... and we talk. We are listing to a song that might be used in the film and talk ideas. goose bumps. it's a little like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. All the things you need to make the puzzle fit are right there, but you have to figure out how they go together.



 The day we finally took down the "this is our blog the full site is coming" is here! It was a long time coming and we have had a lot of things that we have wanted to share, so it's great to have a venue to do that now. You can expect a lot of updates to this site especially in this Blog section. We'll be using our home page to announce anything new that is news worthy in the other sections. Poke around check out the vids and pics, read about who we are and who is supporting us.



*Attention all those in Vancouver, BC.  In the next few weeks (depending if we can get a truck) we are planning on shooting a segment for our film in Vancouver and need a truck as a prop.  We need a truck that is older, like a 78 Chevy/GMC type truck, with a decent paint job, it doesn't have to be restored to show room perfect.  It is going to appear in a really sweet section of the movie.  If you know any body that would be keen to lend/rent us a rig please send an email to either address below. or


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 So it was Valentines day this past weekend and most people celebrate that by chillin with their significant other. In true Gibb-Style he also celebrated but the guy has a knack for going against the grain and this holiday it was no different. He showed up to office on Monday looking like this, and pretending that-it-ain't-no-thang.
 If you can't laugh at yourself (or buddy) then who can you laugh at.
hair cut courtesy Kaylee Gibb



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 So we spent the day hiking around the woods tromping through knee deep snow looking for shots. It was a tiring day, but we have finished up on a few things that we have been meaning to make happen. So we can close the chapter on one section and focus on the next.


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Well sitting back in the office after a nice long break from the project and the computer.
Christmas came and past...really sweet.
New Years was also sweet minus the carnage I encountered when my GT snow racer had a catastrophic failure of the handlebar off a jump.
Ryan Gibb had a huge December by getting married to Kayle!!! that a boy Gibb.



So since we have set out to make Life Cycles we have set the bar pretty high for ourselves to capture really unique images. Part of that is getting yourself in the right place at the right time and being ready to take advantage of the light and weather;

Is the sun going to rise there?

will that cloud cover the moon?

is the rain going to get backlit?