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Kamloops blogredo.jpg

 Coming to Kamloops in the summer to shoot dust is a bit is like heading to New York to shoot buildings or NASCAR to shoot beer guts. You just know you’re going to see it. Thankfully that was our goal because super fine powder laces the trails and the conditions in the Loops become knarley like riding on marbles throughout the summer months…. perfect.


aug14 blog.jpg

 The Jank factor


Two years ago this September we were in Kamloops trying to pull off the very first shoot for Life Cycles. Looking back the only camera we had was a 20 LB super slow motion unit from Redlake that requires the user to be tethered to a laptop. No tripod and very little cash.


july 30 blog dragon.jpg

 If you have ever heard the line "You should have been here yesterday!" then you know what I am about to talk about. The line usually is used when describing epic powder days, free anything or something super sweet you could have had....had you been there yesterday. 

When making a film your hear this line quite a bit.

" man the light was epic yesterday, there was god rays, a dragon holding a golden egg and he was there for like an hour".


blog july 23 creen shot.jpg

   For the past few weeks we have been in a bit of a limbo as we re-load to hit the road and continue to shoot sections for Life Cycles. Putting on our office hat, we have been mostly on the computers; head down, pinned, pushing the beast Life Cycles forward…gnarly heat hasn't helped, as the the studio turns into an oven by mid afternoon.


blog july 10th.jpg

 For the past few weeks we have been making the pilgrimage to a location, out of cell coverage,  in the Deeeeep Wooooods of B.C. filming with Riley and Evan.

 With the help of our buddy Ambrose ( slinging and running a cable cam set up, we attempted to capture sweet big forest footage in primo riding conditions. The recent rain provided and perfect dirt cocktail, that had the traction set to 10 and having a cable cam to document it was ideal.


blog june 5.jpg

Friday mornings are rolling around fast these days as weeks melt away. Our days since we have been back from a long road trip have been full. Because we are basically a two man operation, unless we are shooting then we have three, we are forced to where many hats. Travel agent, athlete liaison, marketing dept, graphics and art work, photography, blogger, post production monkey, scout junky, brand manger etc...... This process of filming Life Cycles has been one of the best hings I have done and one of the most challenging.


japan blog photos.jpg

 Land of sushi and technology.  Upon landing we were tested and passed Japanese quarantine for swine flew…weird but sweet. First thing that we notice about Osaka is the density; all corners are spoken for, but clean. We’re in a mind-drift thinking of everything but not thinking of anything. Hotel is sweet with super confusing lights and heat. Dustin had issues for days un-knowingly pumping AC full blast, took us days to figure out the lights.


may 23 blog devinci.jpg

 After a hectic month for the Stance Films crew shooting Life Cycles, in hard conditions, we are all looking forward to a great week in Quebec courtesy Devinci Bicycles. David and Max hooked us up from the start dialing in flights, accommodations and good time après’ activities.


utah blog re-do.jpg

 Utah is a location that has been pivotal in shaping what is known as Freeride Mountain biking for about a decade now. All the major bike-film makers at one point have featured it and we will be no different by that regards. It’s a location that is completely unique to the eye and provides a backdrop that's beyond imagination. When we started to think about shooting here we thought, “Let’s not shoot there because it has been done to death” and it really has and done well by a few. The challenge in this epic location is not to find beautiful shots….


Vancouver pics.jpg

Well we are back from a week in Vancouver. We shot an entire segment for the film in record time. The city shoot has been on our minds for a while and we had a creative itch that needed to be scratched. It went better then planned.