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  Tonight we had a little pow wow with Mitchell P. Scott, our very talented writer for Life Cycles. If you know Mitch you are aware he is pretty good at making you laugh. A great trait to have and a great one to share, which he is always more than willing. 

Tonight Mitch laid down some beauties. His toy gun kept a few giggles going. The gnarly-skunk-eye is an automatic laugh every time. And the kicker...the bent pinkie finger, which is known by many German men.



 We stepped into at new realm of the film today. Recording the narration. 

To give you a bit of background we have spent a long time with Mitch Scott over the past year and especially the last month working on a dialog for the V.O. It's a very tricky and subtle style of writing and we brought in Mitch as the creative drive behind the words. He has spent over a decade working in the bike industry as a very sought after wordsmith. He has the ability to take our concepts and expand and fill them out to add a new layer to the film.


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 We recently had to build a little custom dolly rig. And when I say custom I mean jimmy-rig something to get the job done. Not always pretty is the final does do the trick.


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We are turning into zombies. Walking home last night at 2am we stumbled the streets of our small town, zig zaging and reflecting on what we are doing. It's a great time for us as we walk we are able to decompress before entering our homes and lying down for the night. Other then falling more out of shape each day, the editing process has been super positive.

  Right now we have about %90 of the time line laid down! Which is very exciting thing for us. and hopefully you.


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To Josh from South Africa.

 We are sorry man for not keeping you all up to date for the past few months. Our days are full and with a two guy crew it's been full throttle since the last update. So how to bring everyone up to speed and let you know what's up on the post production scene for Life Cycles ?


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As we inch closer to Christmas we are in a transition period on the project Life Cycles. We have had a few weeks to take care of normal life things. Gibb has been with family on an early Christmas and I have been part time in the office and part time taking care of my daughter who is just over one.


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A few months back while in Kamloops shooting with Matt Hunter we were introduced to a young local Loops shredder called Graham Agassiz . Although we hadn’t seen him on film I recalled a few photos I saw of the kid throwing down some super stylish one-footed tables. Hunter said the kid is super worthy and after seeing some shots on the New World teaser we were sold. Not to mention the good attitude and enthusiasm the kid brings with him.


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 Being that I've only written one blog since we have launched this site I guess it's time I write another.  In Life Cycles fashion this fall has been a struggle as always.  Thankfully last fall we were able to make use of the beautiful fall colors as this fall has felt more like winter, not giving the leaves anytime to change before killing them softly.  Don't get me wrong, we pride ourselves in shooting in nasty weather but sometimes nasty weather isn't on the agenda.


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CONCEPT: take Thomas Vanderham onto trails he knows better then any other rider. At night. and look at it in a new way.

MAKING IT HAPPEN: Whistler bike park gave us the location. Bear Back Biking styled us out with the accommodations. Coast Mountain Catering Liz Abby dialed in unreal meals. And we had 4 pro lighting dudes from the US helping shine light into the shadows.



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 Alright so Hopkins has wanted to send a huge hip for a long time know. It's been a feature that many riders are serching for and after a few roads trips around B.C. and Utah, Hopkins struck vertical gold in Fernie.
 The idea is to send his bike and body as high as possible off a left hander and when Mike met Rick Mercier and wife Shirley he found the perfect people to help make that a reality.