Stance Films in association with
Shimano, Scott Bicycles &
A new bike film

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We are turning into zombies. Walking home last night at 2am we stumbled the streets of our small town, zig zaging and reflecting on what we are doing. It's a great time for us as we walk we are able to decompress before entering our homes and lying down for the night. Other then falling more out of shape each day, the editing process has been super positive.

  Right now we have about %90 of the time line laid down! Which is very exciting thing for us. and hopefully you.

Now we are switching gears and needing to get a lot of initiatives on the go; sound effects, titles, locking music down, tour, premiers, voice over, colouring, behind the scenes, pick up shoots and if you can believe it searching for more sponsorship. 

Yup searching for partners on the film has been a constant battle from day one. Our business and creative model doesn't fit the mold and that freaked a lot of people out...can't blame them. Basically the first time producers (Gibb produced Suspect in 2003) and without a track record questions were raised as to if we could pull off what we said we wanted to do. It was hard to bring people into your vision if all you have is words and that's not our strength.

 Selling yourself is a very tricky endeavor and one that we wished we had some else handling but no chance with our budget. But this lack of sponsorship and support from many people has only proven to make this film stronger. We are close to having a very solid rough cut ready to show some potential partners so this time when we knock on doors we are holding a much more powerful tool then we ever had. So if we knock on your door you might want to let us in because this time we have the film. 


wish us luck and stay tuned because things are going to start moving fast.