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july 30 blog dragon.jpg

 If you have ever heard the line "You should have been here yesterday!" then you know what I am about to talk about. The line usually is used when describing epic powder days, free anything or something super sweet you could have had....had you been there yesterday. 

When making a film your hear this line quite a bit.

" man the light was epic yesterday, there was god rays, a dragon holding a golden egg and he was there for like an hour".

Sweet. I missed it. that like salt in the eye. I'd rather them not even mention the mystical shot that was missed, but I know that's just the way it goes. Fortunately when you do hit it right it makes up for the missed days.

 Recently we have been getting that line when talking to potential partners for our film and it's a line, that as I reflect, has been there for about the past year. 

"Hey Derek Life Cycles looks super sick, but it's too bad you didn't talk to me last week I had a fist full of cash I could have given you. But this week no can do"

Now I am not throwing any blame or saying that the line is not true. Actually I think they are being straight up, it just makes you second guess what you are doing.

Maybe we should do a 180 with our tactics and we'll get into the groove and start hitting those epic days, freebies and sweetness.

This weekend I am going to zig when I thought I was going to zag and come back next we to slay some dragons.


have a beauty weekend.