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 Alright, so what have we been up to? We’ve had a bit of a lack on the updates lately but we’ve been keeping busy. All of us have been pulling late nights at the studio getting stuff done in the editing room and the movie is about 95% edited at this point. 

If we weren’t at the studio, we were out on location getting a few last shots to fill some holes in the timeline here and there. 

We re-visited a trail with Hopkins to shoot some features he had built previously but we never had time to shoot them. And we just got back from a week in Nelson with Riley and Evan and we definitely added a lot to the segment.  Ambrose came out and provided us with his cable cam expertise and we rented some torches to get the trail dry after several weeks of rain.  We’re stoked on the shots we got from there and pulled off some unique angles that haven’t been seen that often in cable cams (although they did come with the price of smashing the camera in the ground and colliding filmer with rider on separate occasions).