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A new bike film


 We stepped into at new realm of the film today. Recording the narration. 

To give you a bit of background we have spent a long time with Mitch Scott over the past year and especially the last month working on a dialog for the V.O. It's a very tricky and subtle style of writing and we brought in Mitch as the creative drive behind the words. He has spent over a decade working in the bike industry as a very sought after wordsmith. He has the ability to take our concepts and expand and fill them out to add a new layer to the film.

 So today we headed into Graham Tracey's cozy studio to start working towards a finished narration.

We have worked with Graham on our Interbike trailer and wanted to bring him back into the fold on the film because his voice has the storytelling qualities we felt is going to give you the audience, the experience we trying to achieve.

It was a, lets take the script we have so far and start putting it onto a time line. 

What a great process when you have people that have skills in different areas together in a room and push towards the common goal. Each person has a role and as two guys that have shouldered the creative load of the film for years it feels good to let go a bit.

 It was a great first session and if it's like the rest of the production I'm sure it's going to take a lot of paring down, but the first take felt good. We're going to lay it over the footage tonight and start to vibe on the marriage of words and images.

 As we inch ever so close to a finish line it's these touches that will help take our film to a new place. They are also turning into a very enjoyable experience, one that we need to appreciate while it's happening.