Stance Films in association with
Shimano, Scott Bicycles &
A new bike film

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 We recently had to build a little custom dolly rig. And when I say custom I mean jimmy-rig something to get the job done. Not always pretty is the final does do the trick.

 One thing we didn't have to invent for our film is our camera. It's a Red One as many of you know and it shoots in a resolution up to 4K. Which is a lot. But the tech side of the camera isn't  as awesome as it's ability to capture really beautiful and tricky lighting. We have had this camera for the entire production. Actually we only have one main camera we have shot with over the two year shoot schedule. Basically all of the film was with one camera and six eye's on the monitor. Beside a few super slow motion shots on a camera from these guys

 You can check out Red cameras here, they do cool stuff

We are feeling good about our edit and are working hard to figure out how and when this film will launch. But we are pretty sure you will think it was worth the wait.