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Ok, So I’ve finally decided to write a blog, I’ve really been slacking on this whole blog thing. First and Foremost I want to give out a shout out to our boy Mikey“Bunny” Hopkins and his 6th place at Rampage!  Props to Hopkins for being 1 of the 4 riders to hit the 59 foot gap. We’ve all known the kid is talented (we have the footage to prove it) but it’s nice to see him do well at a venue such as Rampage.  So we are in full pinner mode right now being that we are a couple weeks from the snow flying.  Mr. Hopkins didn’t even get a day of rest coming home from Rampage.  We had him out the very next day preparing for his jump over this old decrepit cedar stump.  After a few days of prep and dialing in cameras on our end, Hopkins stomped the stump jump a handful of times, allowing us to get all kinds of angles on it.  Watch for photos in up coming mags.
Cheers, Gibb