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So, it’s been quite a while since I last wrote one of these things.  Things are pretty much in full swing in the studio these days for the Life Cycles crew.  I’ve now joined the studio team of Frankowski and Gibb full time, giving some of my own opinions on the edits and helping out with whatever needs doing.  I’m super stoked to see what’s on the timeline right now and it’s rad to see it all finally coming together.

Also, now that Gibb and I have our luxury vans parked at the same place all day, we can hopefully get some drag races going on our lunch break.

The main task at hand for myself right now though is editing the two years of behind the scenes footage primarily shot by Markus Nurmi and Anders Petersen.  You’ve probably seen their short behind the scenes edits on pinkbike or on our vimeo page. It’s a lot of footage to go through but it’ll be good to get that stuff on the bonus DVD so you can all see what went in to filming this movie over the last couple years.

Time to get back to work.