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It is early in the morning. The sound of Ryan’s cell phone brings me back to consciousness. I look around and see the laptop that is still on laying the floor, right beside the video camera. It becomes apparent that I fell asleep before the footage I shot the previous day had finished capturing onto the computer. I look over at Ryan who seems like he’s ready to go, while Derek still looks like he should probably go see a doctor.
I crawl off the giant beanbag I was sleeping on and start to gather my things. After packing everything and getting dressed, I throw all my gear in the back of the truck. Ryan, Derek, and myself say our goodbyes to Mike Wilson and his family as we head out on another one of our scouting missions.
Derek tells Ryan to stop the truck at the café so he can grab his daily fix of a double shot Americano. We get out of the truck and shortly realize that we are in a state where the vast majority of its residents are Mormon and therefore nothing in this small town is open on a Sunday. I look over at Derek who is sporting a face full of disappointment due to his realization that he will be going through his day without any caffeine. We cut our losses and hop back into the truck and hit the highway.
Our first stop on this scouting mission brings us to probably the strangest, creepiest, and generally the most screwed up place I’ve ever visited in my life. Ryan figures it is a place that Derek and I have to see if we are driving right by it anyways. We are going through a small town that has only one paved road. The streets are practically empty. I can feel the stare of the people that actually are out on the streets. The only traffic we see is a new John Deere tractor going down the middle of the road. We are driving through a piligamist colony. Children are playing in the dirt fields alongside their houses as Ryan tells Derek and I that all the homes are left unfinished, so that the owners can avoid paying their taxes. It seems a little more than strange that the government hasn’t shut down this sort of thing, but I shouldn’t be counting on Bush to get anything done anyways.
So by this point, we are feeling pretty sketched just by being near this place and decide it’s time to go find some cool locations to try to film. Not too far down the highway, Ryan slams the breaks and cranks the steering wheel of the truck as I think how awesome it would be if there was two people beside me to play corners with. We are now heading down one a back road heading deep into a scenic location the middle of absolutely nowhere. I must say I’ve never been so isolated from mankind before as I have been on this trip. Looking out the window, all I can think of is how cool of a place Utah is. Coming from a small town in BC, the huge red rock formations are unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my life. It looks like something out of the Flintstones, but in real life. Finding scenery that is camera worthy isn’t ever a problem it’s finding a line that looks like it’s actually possible to ride a bike down that’s the challenge. After hours of scouting with some success, it’s time to head back home. Now we wait for what’s in store for us tomorrow.
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