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saskatchewan blog

On Tuesday morning we packed the truck with all the gear and set out on our trip to Saskatchewan. As we were packing we decided that to avoid any problems at the border when Gibb goes down to pick up a new battery for the camera, we would unpack in the Tim Hortons parking lot and wait until he got back.  Derek and I sat in the parking lot waiting for a while taking bets on when Gibb would be back. After well over an hour on a trip that should only take about half an hour we figured he was getting some trouble crossing back in.  Finally we see him pull into the parking lot and he wasn't looking too happy. Gibb had to go back to the border to claim all of his film equipment and we wouldn't be leaving for some time.  Once that was all sorted out it was time to hit the road. 
Today we lost some time when we were out shooting some scenic shots in a field with hay bails when we looked up and saw two trucks pinning down the road towards us.  The two trucks split and one came straight at us through the field and the other came around behind us.  The two farmers jump out of the trucks and start yelling at us at the top of their lungs. After trying to get our gear off us we came to the agreement that we would stay and wait for the cops that they called on us and just back away from the gear until it got sorted out. We're waiting for this cop to show up and it looks like its gonna rain on the camera out in the field so I get sent out with an umbrella to keep it dry and when i get out there I can see one of the farmers hiding out in the distance keeping watch on us. So I sit in this field for some time with this guy keeping watch on me until finally about an hour or more later the cop shows up, tells us to get our gear, sees all we did was shoot one photo of a hay bail that looks like it could be on any farm in all of the province and he just lets us go.  Hopefully we won't bump into anyone else like this but it's all good since nothing came of it. But since we've been here we've just been scouting and getting everything sorted out for getting the dirt jumps built in the wheat fields.  Hopefully we'll be able to get the loaders digging for us in the next day or two so everything will be ready to go before the riders get here.  The plan is to bring in Cam McCaul and Brandon Semenuk for this shoot and they will fly into town early next week.