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As we inch closer to Christmas we are in a transition period on the project Life Cycles. We have had a few weeks to take care of normal life things. Gibb has been with family on an early Christmas and I have been part time in the office and part time taking care of my daughter who is just over one.

It has been a very necessary time for both of us I think. When you are doing a project like this, that has consumed us for years, when we get these little breaks it allows your brain to shut off a bit. Although you are never totally removed you feel like you can take a deep breath and gain some perspective on the project. This break marks a more major milestone as we are pretty much done the filming for Life Cycles. We have a few small holes that will need to be filled, but basically we are switching into edit mode! A very exciting time when we can see all of our hard work in the field start to mold into the film it will be. I am very new to the process and stoked to see things come together. With this change in scenery we’ll be spending a lot of hours on computers indoors, exchanging our rain gear and sun screen for sweats and slippers.

 I can say that we are very happy with the footage we have been able to capture over the past 20 months. Shit that sounds like a lot, but it flew by. We got a Red camera last spring, which is when we really started to chip away at the script. And now we sit with the shot list crossed off and the “to do” list for the editing starting to pile up. We’ll have to transform the office into an editing bay with the addition of new computers and a TV. The couches will have to be strategically placed to allow buddies that stop by a great preview perch to see what we done that day. Fridges will need to be stocked. Coffee makers will need to be bought. It’s edit time.

 Along with this process the other major task to handle is dialing in our distribution. We have a lot of ideas of when and where we want to see our film, now we are talking with a bunch of different players to see where it’ll actually end up. The idea is to get this film into as many homes and have as many eyes as possible view it.

 We have been pretty secretive about the footage and ideas we have had for this film but the time to hold back is coming to an end. I think everyone that watches it will be surprised at what they see. Even our assistant Andre doesn’t know or hasn’t seen it all.


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