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 We are behind on getting our film shipping.

For 6 months we have had the date October 18 circled as the day we would have Life Cycles packaged and ready to send. This is not the case. The reality now is that we are looking at later next week, around the 29th, if what we have rolling stays on the tracks.

 This process of getting a film to the finish line, as some of you that have done it know, is a tricky path filled with pitfalls hidden from our inexperienced eye's.

I am not going to elaborate on the details but just know that these set backs are because we have tried to make the absolute best bike film we can and everything that has delayed it's release is worth it.

It's been our goal to release on time and that didn't happen so we apologize for the delay.

Once I have a concrete ship day I'll post it so you know, but for now we are looking to be back on track and ready to blow some a week or so.



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