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 Our week
 So we have our new site up and we're stoked to let people in on what we are doing. It's been a long time coming and it's cool to have a venue to show vids, pics and ramble.
 Everyone that has emailed has given us great feedback and we’ll be using it to improve what we are doing.

 Peaks and valleys:
It's Friday already, we had a super busy week as we are gearing up to go to Vancouver for a shoot next week. Got a few new toys to play with when we get there and should provide with some cool angles.

 Had a truck all lined up but the guy sold it the next day, which really tweaks me because it took forever to track down the right truck and it's something you think would be easy to find. So if you are in Vancouver, have or know anybody with a truck with good colour and character, 70'ish hit me back with an email.

  I heard a sweet blues dude Seasick Steve on new tunes are key to keeping the mood good around the office. Do you ever spend a week on a computer when you get to the end of the week you don’t feel like you have done anything…but you know you were busy…. Can’t wait to get outside and have some fun.


6 p.m. time to bail. peace.