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  Tonight we had a little pow wow with Mitchell P. Scott, our very talented writer for Life Cycles. If you know Mitch you are aware he is pretty good at making you laugh. A great trait to have and a great one to share, which he is always more than willing. 

Tonight Mitch laid down some beauties. His toy gun kept a few giggles going. The gnarly-skunk-eye is an automatic laugh every time. And the kicker...the bent pinkie finger, which is known by many German men.

Every time we hash out ideas the film gets a little better. Each time we see something different. A very cool process.

 Since we have given ourselves a little time ( at least we think we have) to be able to go over it section, by section, we are seeing the answers to the little things you can't put your finger on right away.  

always a good thing. 

Maybe that's how Mitch got his deformed little finger, from being on point a lot?