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A few months back while in Kamloops shooting with Matt Hunter we were introduced to a young local Loops shredder called Graham Agassiz . Although we hadn’t seen him on film I recalled a few photos I saw of the kid throwing down some super stylish one-footed tables. Hunter said the kid is super worthy and after seeing some shots on the New World teaser we were sold. Not to mention the good attitude and enthusiasm the kid brings with him.

 It’s late fall and the interior of B.C. is starting to get a nice snow base for the ski season so we found ourselves heading to the Loops for one last shoot. The vibe for this trip was pretty low stress, we didn’t have any real expectations we just gave ourselves a few weeks to see what we could make happen with our cameras and Aggy’s skills.

 Just a few days into the shoot after seeing what the kid had ready to shoot and what we could throw a shovel into and the stoke was getting pretty high. Add into that the low anlge of the sun this late into the season and the locations fired ( if the clouds would cooperate) with the no set agenda we were prepared to sit and wait for the light. Mo-nature will give you the visual goods, but it’s always a case of the waiting game. After almost two years of filming Life Cycles we have spent as much time sitting waiting for light as we have shooting. So with rider and location ready, our crane perched hilltop with it 250lbs of counter weight carried it began.

The line we were shooshting was really flowing and big, reminded me of a snowboard line with wedges and snowdrifts. Aggy is pushing his riding in that direction of big bike on big lines throwing the new tricks.
After a few days of moderate success the skies settled into gray bird. We found ourselves craving the sun shots and once we had that taste of the glory we couldn’t settle.

 It was days until we got more of the goods but reviewing are footage we are reminded it always worth the wait.

 Aggy has some mad skills and it I can see his future in the bike industry to be a bright one. Some of the ideas he brings to the table are very fresh and I think we’ll inspire a lot of other riders to push n that direction.

 On a side note; weathermen are full of shit. We’ve known this from experience but this trip took it to the next level. It was reliably un-reliable. Actually in a weird way it’s was reliable, all you had to do was take the forecast and apply the opposite weather and that’s what we got. Sun meant clouds, rain meant. Unbelievable they get paid to push those lies.


 After a two week shoot I had to make it home for some family time, that’s where I am know, but Gibb and Andre are still pushing it with Aggy back in the Loops. We’ll get an update from them soon.


Much success!