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   For the past few weeks we have been in a bit of a limbo as we re-load to hit the road and continue to shoot sections for Life Cycles. Putting on our office hat, we have been mostly on the computers; head down, pinned, pushing the beast Life Cycles forward…gnarly heat hasn't helped, as the the studio turns into an oven by mid afternoon.

  This project has been a long road for Gibb and I and sometimes you start to forget what all the work is for. We go on these shoots and capture some really sweet moments, but those are soon just memories and you go on to the next shoot, then the next. Once and a while you let these cool shots pop into your thoughts, but generally you are focused what’s in front of you and not what you have done.

 The other day we spent some time picking through the files and looking back at some successes we have had. I found it to be re-affirming that we are on the right path and that all the sacrifices we’ve made will be well worth it. Pulling up footage we shot a year back that still brings goose bumps was a good feeling.

 We have to focus on the next stages of the shooting and editing, but for an afternoon it felt good to look at things that have gone right and throw a few high-fives around.