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So since we've been back from the Shimano shoot in Silverstar, we've been getting down to business shooting some actual footage for Life Cycles.  The past couple weeks, the team has been pulling the trigger almost every single day.  Now that we have all of our equipment dialed, the only thing that can slow us down is waiting for light. Although, waiting for light is kinda annoying, at least when it starts to fire we are fully prepared and all our gear is functioning properly.

When the light isn't wanting to work with us, we've been busy getting stuff built and having more time to think about our shots and bring you a better end product.  With all that said, we're about 2/3 done shooting a section of trail with Scott team rider Mike Hopkins and we are taking a short break to edit some more Shimano footage and work on getting the Iceland trip underway while Hopkins is off shredding in Whistler for a few days.  So until Hopkins returns its gonna be a lot of office work and once he's back we can hopefully finish shooting this section and get it in the bag.