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 Coming to Kamloops in the summer to shoot dust is a bit is like heading to New York to shoot buildings or NASCAR to shoot beer guts. You just know you’re going to see it. Thankfully that was our goal because super fine powder laces the trails and the conditions in the Loops become knarley like riding on marbles throughout the summer months…. perfect.

 We had a few shots we wanted to get with Matt while here and one required us to get the camera mounted to the quad. Using our Basson steady cam set up we supported the unit on the quad to take the pressure off Gibb's body (he's getting pretty old) . We haven't used the Basson mounted to a vehicle yet so there was a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of guessing. What we finally rigged was a simple 2x4 wood frame and bolted the Basson arm to it...genius Hunter.

Over the 5 days of shooting we ran into a lot of classic Kamloops characters, but the highlight was a guy shuttling a fire road on a quad and bombing his Trek 4500 (old school hard tail) solo style like it was his own personal Kamikaze. He did stop on the way up once long enough to explain his sweet rig and how even "his skills" can't always prevent a crash. 

 We were pretty stoked on the few shots we got from the Loops, not totally able to capture what we envisioned, but close. Hopefully we can make it back for a few more days to re shoot a sweet burm we built.

 Now we are loading up for a shoot in Fernie next week with Hopkins looking to unleash on a huge hip, then it Whistler the following week with Vanderham to pull off so truly different shots in the bike park.

 We are chipping away at this sucker and can see an end to the shooting this fall!