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 Land of sushi and technology.  Upon landing we were tested and passed Japanese quarantine for swine flew…weird but sweet. First thing that we notice about Osaka is the density; all corners are spoken for, but clean. We’re in a mind-drift thinking of everything but not thinking of anything. Hotel is sweet with super confusing lights and heat. Dustin had issues for days un-knowingly pumping AC full blast, took us days to figure out the lights. Shit the power is different gotta grab a simple adapter (simple nothing is simple rookie thought).

Sleep. 4 am wake up stupid time difference, force myself to sleep again. Once ready we hit the factory for a tour to see what’s we can shoot. Man they have some contrasting things here from flames to lasers working over product. Very cool. Wish we could shoot it all, but glad to be shooting anything…tough to get in here. Has never happen in the 87 years of business. Stoked to be the first breaking the Shimano photo cherry.

 Ooops forgot we ate super tasty steak first night. Top 3 of lifetime.

 Built a dolly with a lot of help from Jay from Shimano Japan. Thanks Jay. He also doubled as tour guide, translator and assistant, glad we didn’t have to pay for all the services, things are insane expensive here, yeah Shimano for throwing down.

Shoots start to roll and stoke builds as we burn through pixels. Digi gives us the freedom to hose the scenes and sift through footy later, yeah Red.

 We come away day one with a lot of nugs and excited for super. Travel and food are two hobbies we all like. Just a heads up, chicken stomach is not a tasty treat. Stick to breasts and thighs. Gibb eats a whack of hot Canadian mustard, really it’s from Canada, for 1000 yen a.k.a. 10 bucks. 2 hour stomach ache not worth it, photos are worth it though.

 Day two we are nailing a lot of the CNC and technology images. We get some unexpected cool shots, always a good feeling. Lunches are served in a bunch of lil boxes feel important.

 Best thing about Japan is they hook you up with a warm or cold towel before each meal…really try it, refreshes the body and mind. Hit the Japanese bath house in the hotel, costs 26,000 yen. Best 26K I’ve spent on a soak in my life, shake to road trip mank off the body.

Jump the train trying to pay the lower fair, got busted and Gibb found 1000 yen buried deep in a bag to save us from having to switch to the slow local train. Everything went so good and we were treated really well. Thank you Shimano, Dustin, TN & Jay.