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 The Jank factor


Two years ago this September we were in Kamloops trying to pull off the very first shoot for Life Cycles. Looking back the only camera we had was a 20 LB super slow motion unit from Redlake that requires the user to be tethered to a laptop. No tripod and very little cash.

 The idea was to shoot Matt Hunter drifting in a sea of black, as his roost was light up by the sun. This shoot was a tell tail sign for what lie ahead for our production. Since we had a specific shot in mind it was “how do we make that happen” type of a situation.


Making a film you are constantly required to solve problems until eventually you end up with a solution, that hopefully satisfies the need, and you end the day with a cool shot.  We left the Loops from that trip with confirmation that you can dream of a shot and make that shot a reality and it fueled us to continue on the quest to make this film.

 Jump to present time and we are heading back to Kamloops to finish what we started with Hunter that sunny afternoon. This time though we are coming with a truck full of tools to help us execute the shots and a knowledge that we can create what we dream. Although it doesn’t seem to matter how many tools you have there is always the jank factor. But at least we know you can power through it.


I’m going to send an update from midweek on this shoot and let you know how’s it’s going but one thing is guaranteed in the Loops with Hunter. Shotguns. Anger and good shots.


Peace d.f.