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One thing I have noticed is that when you are making a film, regardless of the budget level I think, is that you are always battling. Everyday,  over thousands of details you battle.... Into the wind. Up stream. Against the grain.
 I keep trying to tell myself that if we were not battling and it was easy then we wouldn't be pushing ourselves. But sometimes that's a hard pill to swallow when you have to battle over tiny details that shouldn't be an issue. They drain you physically and mentally. In the ocean of hardships you look for tiny islands of success; finding a right size bolt for a rig, finding the pen you lost you grab a battery and it's charged. I mean little things. 

 As we gear up for our first road trip of 2009 for Vancouver, a 6 a.m. departure has been set for tomorrow. Coffee in hand it'll 5 dudes crammed into a Nissan "crew cab" with sleep in the eye and big hopes for a successful shoot.
 I'm looking forward to that moment when you are able to let go of the office-mank and get into the field and have fun. Those are my favorite times making this film.
 I keep ranting about the obstacles with making a film, next blog it will be a good things, just using this as an outlet.

keep smiling.