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 What a hectic last few weeks...months...years.....

After a quick trip to Whistler to show the film in it's non-polished stages we are gearing up for the real release of Life Cycles. We have spent some time re-working a trailer which will be out in the next few days. packaging. Gibb's in L.A. getting the film onto LightIron's machine and I head down Monday to colour correct. Excited to see what the film is going too really look like!

 One thing about making a film is that is continues to evolve the entire way through the process. It's been one of the best parts for me to see what started as a concept on paper with no gear or means to make it happen, into something that has this larger meaning.

We are weeks away from signing a piece of paper that says "duplicate this film" That is a surreal day I am sure and one that some days seemed impossible.