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 Alright so Hopkins has wanted to send a huge hip for a long time know. It's been a feature that many riders are serching for and after a few roads trips around B.C. and Utah, Hopkins struck vertical gold in Fernie.
 The idea is to send his bike and body as high as possible off a left hander and when Mike met Rick Mercier and wife Shirley he found the perfect people to help make that a reality. 

These two are as quality of people as you could ever meet. They not only allowed us to use there land, they cooked massive feasts fit for kings, spent days behind a track hoe building the hip, put beers on ice and basically were willing to help where ever we needed. Truly great people.

With the support from them and assistance from tourism Fernie and I can't forget our first aid specialist Marc we were dialed in for a successful shoot. The pressure to make all this happen fell on Hopkins shoulders as we had the envious position of just showing up and finding the best angle.

 After a few days of warm ups and tweaks the stage was set for a big sender morning. Any time you shoot something that starts to push the rider and bike it's always a bit unnerving. Although I knew it was within Hopkins skills to pull off, he still was hitting a 20 ft lip with a short landing around 40ft long until the tranny turns into a uphill. Any mistake on take off or landing could have some serious injury (that's where Marc would come in). 

 With two Red cameras rolling and the sun firing we set to work. Mike started to feel the groove. It was super good to see him start to push it faster and higher each hit. The fact is he actually started to look more comfortable and styled it better the higher he got. With about 40 loc dogs from Fernie watching on Mike provided the entertainment and by 9:30 am we had a bunch of angles and big air goodness in the can.

 Stoked that this one went so well. It really fell into place and all people involved brought a great vibe. I am behind on writing this blog so the details are fuzzy, sorry for the lack of detail.


peace and thanks again to Rick for being the guy!