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 Life Cycles Distribution Update:


So if you are reading this you are probably a person that is eagerly awaiting your copy of Life Cycles. We can appreciate your position and trust us we have been on the other end of this type of anticipation. We actually held off 6 months from shooting our film in 2008 waiting to get our hands on a Red One camera.

The challenges we are facing have resulted in us not being able to meet our projected delivery of Oct 18.  

 We have had a few big issues in bringing this to your home on time. One is the packaging which we had be told would take 12 business days has now been pushed to almost a month. Second we went with a recycled package and that ended up taking a lot more time then we had been made aware off. The third is that we had some very serious issues with the quality of the DVD’s we had received. This was a very important set back because there is no way we wanted to send a single DVD out that we didn’t feel was at the quality it should be. We have worked way to hard, to not see the film through this final step.

The BluRay’s have seen there own issues, but so far the biggest has been getting the menus to operate properly.

We have been trying to get exact dates from both our distributor and our supplier and we cannot get a nailed down date that our film will ship. Trust us when we say we are more eager then you to see the film in people’s hands.

Once we have any concrete information we will post it on both our facebook and website to keep you informed.

When you get your film we hope that any ill will be washed away and you’ll see that we are truly just looking out for our audience.

Life Cycles Crew