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 After a hectic month for the Stance Films crew shooting Life Cycles, in hard conditions, we are all looking forward to a great week in Quebec courtesy Devinci Bicycles. David and Max hooked us up from the start dialing in flights, accommodations and good time après’ activities.

 We went into this shoot with a pretty solid platform for what we wanted to accomplish and with the control we were given it made for an easy shoot. We are so use to be out in the harsh elements hiking gear long distances, being able to wheel our gear right to the shot was a huge treat.

 They really opened the door up to us and our crew allowing us to take over their operations for a 3-day shoot, that I am very excited to let you all see… but you’ll have to wait.

 Andre Nutini was on hand shooting the HVX to show everyone how we captured the shots, which will live on the bonus DVD section where you can expect to see a lot of behind the scenes footage on what and how we did to accomplish the look of Life Cycles.

 Devinci is producing some quality hand made bicycles that would stoke any rider to see what these guys create go too


Huge thank you to all at Devinci employees, they helped make Life Cycles better from their support.