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 For the past few weeks we have been making the pilgrimage to a location, out of cell coverage,  in the Deeeeep Wooooods of B.C. filming with Riley and Evan.

 With the help of our buddy Ambrose ( slinging and running a cable cam set up, we attempted to capture sweet big forest footage in primo riding conditions. The recent rain provided and perfect dirt cocktail, that had the traction set to 10 and having a cable cam to document it was ideal.

 Uninvited to this shooting party were the mosquito's. The moisture brought tacky soils and swarms of the little blood suckers that made for some difficult conditions. Especially for Brose as he dangled with skin exposed for a wire.

 Pushing through we spent several days painstakingly creating shots with a collaborations of the crew and put a bunch of nugz onto the time line. This section is starting to turn into a favorite with us, because the quality if the footage was a bit unexpected and the boys are shredding their bikes really well.

One great thing we have discovered through this process of creating a film is that when we are in the field shooting shoots look pretty good. But we always feel like we can do better. But when we load the shot up on the computer back in the office days later that those shots we thought were just average are hiding surprises for the big screen the unveil. Sometimes we have these ideas for shots so when we shoot them they are not quite what we envisioned. which is okay because sometime they are better and that's what keeps the stoke. We can't plan our entire film, but we try to envision it as a whole and go build it piece by piece. We hope when it's complete it will inspire the people that see it.

Stay tuned and stay positive.