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Well we are back from a week in Vancouver. We shot an entire segment for the film in record time. The city shoot has been on our minds for a while and we had a creative itch that needed to be scratched. It went better then planned.
  We spent many hours online looking to rent the perfect truck for this shoot. The type of truck that we wanted, by luck, appeared on a random street while driving in the city...those little things in life and film making are what you can't plan. After a few phone calls and very little restrictions we had a sweet 72 GMC orange pick up. The thing had mad style and was older then everyone eon the crew. 
 We ended up with our full 5 dude crew which was key to making a shoot in the depths of a city especially the dark corners that people don't like to see successful. You gotta have someone watching your back when sketchy is the word.
 For 5 people that live in a town of 3500, going to the city was sensory a good way. The opportunities for shots was completely different from what we have in nature and finding unique angles was easier. There are so many vantage points in a city, it's like having a ladder on every tree in the woods!
 I gotta cut this blog short as we are packing up again to hit the road, possibly for 5 weeks, so we have to get a lot dialed. I will write another update on the city very soon and Nurmi & Anders are going to hook us up with some videos we can post on the site for something new for the audience.