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Day 1 on the rainy/foggy shoot we come across some fallen trees on the road to where we're headed. This pretty much sucks because now we have to hike a 30ft crane and all the rest of our gear up the rest of the road as well as up the trail. Eventually, we make our way to the top of the trail with bags strapped to our fronts, backs, and sides and before we have time to rest, the fog rolls in and its panic time to set up our equipment. Along with the fog comes the pouring rain and it's a bit of a struggle to keep things dry as it's our first shoot out in the rain so far. Hopkins, was not so stoked on the rain seeing as he had to ride in his shorts and jersey for the shoot and the weather feels more like November rather than June. We pulled a couple of shots but it seems like the next day is going to be our chance at pulling all of this together.
Day 2 We're all packed up with our stomachs full with a good lunch and the anticipation is high now that we know exactly what we are going to go shoot. Extra clothes, rain jackets, spare shoes and socks... bring on the rain. We stop by Revolution Cycles and pick up a pocket chain saw to cut down the some of the fallen trees on the road (we don't want to have to walk up the road today). The pocket chain saw takes some time but it is well worth it as we clear the road and continue the rest of our journey. Everyone is better prepared today and eagerly awaiting mother nature to do her thing... Enter the fog and rain. Knowing exactly what we want to do, it takes little time to get the crane set up to the length we need. Gibb, Hopkins and myself get a shelter going for all of the camera bags and lenses to stay dry while we deal with the crane. Everything is set up... it's go time. After doing some test shots we realize our plan wasn't as good as we thought. It's also getting really cold and everyones tempers are getting a little shorter. We take a quick food break and derek brings out some chocolate bars for a snack. Everyone is getting happy again and then Nurmi finally clues in to the fact he's eating mint chocolate. "S**t!! I don't even like mint!" Nobody wants to argue and Hopkins quickly trades him bars. Break is over, we move the crane into a better position, we do some test shots, they look good. We don't have too much time to play with before we lose the light. 3,2,1 drop! Hopkins shreds down the ridge into frame as the crane whips around. "That's the shot!" yells Derek. He fires his still camera up on the crane for a few shots while some of the equipment is being packed up. The rain starts coming down harder and we are losing light fast. The teardown has to be done by headlamp as the sun fades away. Everyone is soaked and cold but we got the shot we needed and that's all that matters. Knowing that we got a money shot today keeps the stoke high as we hike out in the dark back to the truck. The 6 of us manage to squeeze into the 5 man truck and drive back into town. It's time to capture the footage, dry off and get ready to do the same thing tomorrow.