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So since we have set out to make Life Cycles we have set the bar pretty high for ourselves to capture really unique images. Part of that is getting yourself in the right place at the right time and being ready to take advantage of the light and weather;

Is the sun going to rise there?

will that cloud cover the moon?

is the rain going to get backlit?

wait......wait and then wait more.

The process of making a film, I am learning, is that you have to spend ton of time and effort trying to capture a select amount of footage. Years to make 45 minutes worth watching.

 This morning around 6 am I could see the moon was setting and I might be able to get a shot with the moon full and a forest lit up with early morning sun. Frost caked the car window I scraped it enough to get to the studio and pick up some gear and headed out. Driving...stopping...looking then driving again. The moon is an elusive creature moving very fast if you have ever watched it through a telephoto lens. Today I was in the perfect spot, ready camera rolling.....shit a little fog built up and the moon is covered and why isn't the mountain orange with early sun? Ohhh to the east is enough cloud to hold back the orange glow long enough until the moon dipped out of sight.Another Unicorn hunt ends without a shot fired.

 Basically we call these types of shots “chasing unicorns”. Why??? I guess it's because these shot's a mythical & elusive. We can see them in the minds eye, but do they exist? I hope so, they are what drives us to push our abilities and they are what LifeCycles will be full of. That’s right Life Cycles will have, hopefully, a bunch of unicorns.