Stance Films in association with
Shimano, Scott Bicycles &
A new bike film

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We have been off the radar for a bit. Still working behind the scenes, but just not throwing that much content up. Really we have been pinned on the business side of producing a film. Not as much fun as making a film I can tell you.

 Anyways we are now shipping DVD, BluRay and on Itunes in 4 countries. Selling through shops around the globe and through our own website. We took much longer then planned and we didn't hit our marks for dates, but we made it.

 So if you have a copy on order through our site you can expect it any day.

If you haven't got your copy yet hopefully we have made it pretty easy for you to check it out.

Thanks you all for your kind words and support. It has made it very fullfillling to hear peoples reaction!

talk sooner then last time .