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Friday mornings are rolling around fast these days as weeks melt away. Our days since we have been back from a long road trip have been full. Because we are basically a two man operation, unless we are shooting then we have three, we are forced to where many hats. Travel agent, athlete liaison, marketing dept, graphics and art work, photography, blogger, post production monkey, scout junky, brand manger etc...... This process of filming Life Cycles has been one of the best hings I have done and one of the most challenging. What has man this whole process more difficult is this bloody economic crunch the world is under.

 Our film is like a hungry giant that eats money ( although we don't have the biggest giant). We try to feed it a very trim diet and only spend cash on necessary nutrition, but even that requires constant flow of cash. Daily we show people what we are up to in hopes they say " Hey that looks rad, I am going to give the guys some cash". But with everyone holding there pennies tight the answer is often " that looks great, but we are unable to  commit to any projects t this time". Now I can understand this and sympathize with the people trying to do their jobs with a budget to work with. But it wears on us. 

 I have, on my desk, a piece of paper I keep there to remind me to stay positive and focused. As we balance our life with making a film we have recently taken a deep breath, taken in the view and enjoyed the day.

 Have a great weekend and see you back in the office Monday.