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We revisited the building section with Riley the other day on another trail of his around Nelson. Evan Schwartz wasn't able to come out with us this time due to an unfortunate double bouncing on a trampoline a few days before that left him with a pretty sore knee.  Because Evan couldn't come out, Riley had his little bro come out to help him with his gear and a bit of building.  The lower section of the trail was super sick and flowy and it went through a pretty cool old growth forest zone that we are pretty stoked on.  After scoping out the lower zone of trail we went back to the trucks and Riley went off to fetch his quad so we could get up to the mid section of trail with some gear.
We loaded the quad to the absolute max with gear and people and Riley, Derek and Gibb went off for the first trip while myself and Riley's bro waited from him to get back for the second load.  The 20 minute quad ride was pretty fun but a little sketchy due to our load size and nowhere proper to hold on to on the way up.  Once we got to the end of the quad road, it was time for a 30minute hike up part of the trail. The hike wasn't too much fun as the trail was pretty steep and long but once we go to the top we felt pretty good and it was time to start shooting.  We got a few shots we felt we were missing from the previous location. 
The venture home wasn't nearly as bad and we wrapped it up with some sushi in town.  It's back to the office for a few days though now because we have to get everything organized for our trip to Iceland on Monday. Can't wait.