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Well sitting back in the office after a nice long break from the project and the computer.
Christmas came and past...really sweet.
New Years was also sweet minus the carnage I encountered when my GT snow racer had a catastrophic failure of the handlebar off a jump.
Ryan Gibb had a huge December by getting married to Kayle!!! that a boy Gibb.
 It was me and Kari's first Christmas with our little girl Odessa.
Gibb got hit by a car.
we skied 50 CM of pow pow and now Gibb has Kidney stones.....not cool.
So yeah pretty much action packed. But we are slowing getting the gears rolling again and I am stoked to push the film to the finish line, which should have us wrapping shooting in August. Stay tuned I am trying to get our website live and give you more eye candy then this blog.