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 Being that I've only written one blog since we have launched this site I guess it's time I write another.  In Life Cycles fashion this fall has been a struggle as always.  Thankfully last fall we were able to make use of the beautiful fall colors as this fall has felt more like winter, not giving the leaves anytime to change before killing them softly.  Don't get me wrong, we pride ourselves in shooting in nasty weather but sometimes nasty weather isn't on the agenda.  Especially when the season is coming to a close, we still have a riding section to finish, and that section takes place at a higher elevation.  The section mention would be Riley McIntosh and Evan Schwartzincoffs riding segment.  The weather was acting like my crazy ex-girlfriend, you never knew what you were going to get day to day.  One day we would show up and it would be sunny and waiting on clouds and the very next day we would show up and the area would be sprinkled in snow.  We actually spent a whole morning cleaning off the snow and literally ended up with 4 seconds of footage for the day.  With things slowly moving along and almost finished the section, the snow really came, the kind that doesn't melt in a day.  Forced to except the fact that we couldn't shoot anymore we moved on and focused on other tasked to be done.  

The thing about this movie is we struggle, struggle, and struggle some more and after all of the struggling we get a ray of light and something finally works out.  In this case it was the fact that it warmed up enough that the snow actually melted and we were on once again.  Our final shoot for the boyz section was a heli shoot.  Driving out last monday the weather looked perfect, some nice high cloud cover to even out the light.  As we arrived in Nelson and went to the airport things started to change.  The clouds burned off and we were left with a beautiful fall day.  Now normally I'm not opposed to warm sunny falls days, but shooting sun and forest just don't mix.  Sadly the clouds never came back which left us resolute to try the next day.  Day 2, waking up things again looked perfect but once again as we drove to the airport things crapped out on us again.  This time the clouds were to low and happened to be drizzling just enough rain to be a nuisance.  Attempt number 2 down and out I was getting a little taste of what those ski cinematographers get as they wait for weather.  So came our third and final day that we would be able to shoot.  As we drove into Nelson that beautiful cloud cover once again burned off.  We went to the airport and waited and waited and waited.  Some clouds started to build on the horizon which gave some hope but they were moving at such a slow speed.  Finally we decide that we would risk it and fly up anyways and hope it worked out.  As we took off and started to fly to the location the sun was shinning nice and bright.  Even as we got into position there the sun was still soaking us with it's cosmic rays.  Sometime that's happened to us often on this movie happened once again.  We just got into a situation with a slight plan not knowing if something is going to work and somehow we are blessed, everything comes together and it works.  Thankfully in this situation with the rotors spinning and the bank account draining, a cloud covered the sun!  For the next hour we were able to bang off the shots we had on our list.  Landing with smiles on all of our faces, it was nice to know that another segment for Life Cycles was completed.