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Our goal as filmmakers is to have our film enjoyed by as many people as possible and hopefully have a impact on those who watch it. 

 We now want to make the film available to help Cycling Associations and charities raise funds for their cause. To get details on how you can host a screening, for no charge, please feel free to contact either Andrea or Rebecca at WAX to get the details.

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We have been off the radar for a bit. Still working behind the scenes, but just not throwing that much content up. Really we have been pinned on the business side of producing a film. Not as much fun as making a film I can tell you.

 Anyways we are now shipping DVD, BluRay and on Itunes in 4 countries. Selling through shops around the globe and through our own website. We took much longer then planned and we didn't hit our marks for dates, but we made it.

 So if you have a copy on order through our site you can expect it any day.



 Life Cycles Distribution Update:


So if you are reading this you are probably a person that is eagerly awaiting your copy of Life Cycles. We can appreciate your position and trust us we have been on the other end of this type of anticipation. We actually held off 6 months from shooting our film in 2008 waiting to get our hands on a Red One camera.


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 We are behind on getting our film shipping.

For 6 months we have had the date October 18 circled as the day we would have Life Cycles packaged and ready to send. This is not the case. The reality now is that we are looking at later next week, around the 29th, if what we have rolling stays on the tracks.

 This process of getting a film to the finish line, as some of you that have done it know, is a tricky path filled with pitfalls hidden from our inexperienced eye's.


 We have some new people handling our screenings

see 3.4.11 post


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 What a hectic last few weeks...months...years.....

After a quick trip to Whistler to show the film in it's non-polished stages we are gearing up for the real release of Life Cycles. We have spent some time re-working a trailer which will be out in the next few days. packaging. Gibb's in L.A. getting the film onto LightIron's machine and I head down Monday to colour correct. Excited to see what the film is going too really look like!


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 For the past few weeks we have been adapting to our new roles. Trapped between a production and a post.

Now, at 5:15 a.m., after filling the final piece of the shooting puzzle. We are done filming Life Cycles.

A very surreal feeling. hard to explain. It's a weird good.

I think we are all very excited to see where the next phases of this ride end up.Sleep tonight.....morning.... will feel good.



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 Alright, so what have we been up to? We’ve had a bit of a lack on the updates lately but we’ve been keeping busy. All of us have been pulling late nights at the studio getting stuff done in the editing room and the movie is about 95% edited at this point. 

If we weren’t at the studio, we were out on location getting a few last shots to fill some holes in the timeline here and there. 



So, it’s been quite a while since I last wrote one of these things.  Things are pretty much in full swing in the studio these days for the Life Cycles crew.  I’ve now joined the studio team of Frankowski and Gibb full time, giving some of my own opinions on the edits and helping out with whatever needs doing.  I’m super stoked to see what’s on the timeline right now and it’s rad to see it all finally coming together.


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 We have a great circle of creative people around us. It's been proven time and time again. We have variety, young and accomplished,  to bounce our ideas off of. Each time we do the film gets pared into something better.

 It's been cool to learn and see the process of making a film. If we are able to mirror the balance of the people we love and trust, then we'll be stoked. and have a good film.